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3 major features and 6 major advantages of Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber bulk

Ceramic fiber wool is an insulating and high-temperature-resistant material widely used in various types of thermal kilns. Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber wool has the characteristics of efficient insulation, light weight, high strength, oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity, good softness, and durability. It has the characteristics of corrosion, low heat melting and sound insulation. Since its bulk density is much lower than other refractory materials, it can be used as a furnace lining material to greatly reduce the energy loss of thermal furnaces.

01. Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber wool

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber wool is made of high-purity clay clinker, alumina, silica powder, chromic sand and other raw materials melted in industrial aluminum at high temperature to form a fluid. Then compressed air is used to blow it into fiber shape, and the ceramic fiber is collected by the ceramic fiber collector to form ceramic fiber bulk. Ceramic fiber bulk can be further processed into fiber blankets, paper, boards, special-shaped parts and other products.

02. 3 major characteristics of Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber bulk

① Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, good heat insulation effect

② Low density, smooth surface, good flexibility

③ Good chemical properties, corrosion resistance, long service life

03. 6 advantages of Anchor- Tech ceramic fiber bulk

① White color, accurate size, easy to cut and install, convenient construction, saving man-hours

② Does not contain any binding agent and can be used for a long time in a neutral or oxidizing atmosphere.

③Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, high refractoriness and high thermal sensitivity

④Excellent wind erosion resistance and mechanical impact resistance

⑤Excellent sound absorption and fireproof performance

⑥Automated production, stable density and performance

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