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RCF Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed shape


Product description:

ANGKARL shaped products are insulating products made of refractory ceramic fibers by vacuum molding.

This process allows the production of a variety of configurations, tailored to the particular application and ranging from simple sections to complex shapes.

Compositions are available for service temperatures from 900 ℃to 1500 ℃. Shapes can also be produced in a strong composition which gives higher strength and density.

All shapes have low shrinkage at temperatures within their service rating and retain the properties of high insulation light weight and resistance to thermal shock which are characteristic of ANGKARL Ceramic Fiber.

The unfired material can be easily cut or machined.

The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application.


These versatile products can be used where rigid shapes, self supporting are required for high temperature insulation and high temperature furnace (according to the mix).

Special treatment:

All vacuum forming shapes can be processed to become inorganic, which will not smoke or darken when burning

Our Hardener or Cement may be applied, if required, to Shapes in order to provide a protective surface coating up to a temperature of 1260℃and can also be supplied in through hardened material to individual customer requirements.