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RCF Ceramic Fiber Module

Standard module/High purity module/Synthesis of high purity module/High alumina module/Zirconium module/Chrome module


ceramic fiber module


After releasing strapping, the folding blanket will squeeze each other in different directions without any crack.

Elastic fiber blanket can resist mechanical forces.

The flexibility of fiber blanket can make up for deformation of furnace shell, so that there is no gap between modules.

Because of its light weight, it absorbs little heat as insulation material.

Low thermal conductivity leads to high energy saving effect.

With resistance to any thermal shock.

The lining body needs no drying or maintenance, so it can be put into use immediately after installation.

The anchoring system is far away from the hot surface of the module, so the metal anchoring parts are at a relatively low temperature.

Classification temperature:

Standard module:1260℃

High purity module:1260℃

Synthetic high purity module:1260℃

High alumina module:1400℃

Zirconium module:1430℃

Chrome module:1500℃

Typical application:

  • Petrochemical industry: heating furnace, reforming furnace, high temperature decomposition pipeline.
  • Steel: ladle cover, well type soaking furnace cover, heating furnace, single coil or multiple coil sheet annealing furnace, continuous annealing and coating furnace, circular furnace, bogie furnace, roller hearth furnace, bell furnace, hot air duct and flue, etc.
  • Aluminum processing: well type soaking furnace and its cover, crucible furnace, homogenizing furnace and flue.
  • Ceramics: tunnel kiln and clearance kiln for calcining tablewares, Hoffman kiln for calcining sanitary wares and bricks, calcining kiln for technical ceramics, flue and flame insulation.
  • Boiler: high temperature oxidation device, waste gas recovery device, combustion chamber, boiler flue.

Product description:

Ceramic fiber module is a kind of chunking product by cutting/bending and compressing fiber blankets. Through compressing laminated fiber blankets, density of products increases so as to uplift temperature limitation of its usage.

Main properties:


Standard module

High purity


Synthetic high

Purity module

High alumina


Zirconium module

Chrome module


temperature ℃







Densitiy (kg/m³)


Normal specification:300*300*( 100-500),600*300*( 100-500).

Other size and unit weight can be customized according to customers’requirements.