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RCF Aluminum Silicate Ceramic Fiber

Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber, also known as aluminum silicate fiber module, is produced by calcining and crushing ceramic raw materials such as alumina and silica. The melted material is then spun into ceramic fiber cotton, which is further processed into ceramic fiber blankets, modules, papers, boards, and vacuum-formed products. Due to the characteristics of ceramic materials, ceramic fiber modules possess fire resistance, insulation, sound absorption, and energy-saving properties. They are widely used in industries such as petroleum, ceramics, steel, chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, construction, automotive, shipbuilding, and high-speed rail.

RCF Ceramic fiber bulk
RCF Bulk
ceramic fiber blanket
RCF Blanket
ceramic fiber module
RCF Module
RCF Paper
ceramic fiber board
RCF Board
Vacuum Formed Shape