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Advantages of Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Modules

1. Good high temperature resistance

Depending on the type of raw materials, the operating temperature of Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules can be divided into three types: low-temperature type (below 900°C), standard type (below 1200°C), and high-temperature type (1400~1600°C). These are much higher than the maximum operating temperature (500~700°C) of fibrous thermal insulation materials such as rock wool and glass wool.

2. Low thermal conductivity

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules have very low thermal conductivity in high temperature areas and have excellent thermal insulation effects. At 1000°C, their thermal conductivity is only 15% of refractory clay bricks and about 38% of lightweight clay bricks, but their thermal conductivity is closely related to temperature, bulk density, slag ball content, and fiber diameter.

The thermal conductivity of Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules decreases with the increase of bulk density, but the degree of decrease gradually decreases. Even when the bulk density exceeds a certain range, the thermal conductivity no longer decreases and tends to increase.

Under different temperatures, there is a minimum thermal conductivity and a corresponding minimum bulk density.

③The minimum bulk density corresponding to the minimum thermal conductivity increases with increasing temperature.



3. Small bulk density

The bulk density of Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules is generally between 90 and 220 kg/m3, which is only 1/5 to 1/3 of lightweight refractory bricks.


4.Good thermal stability

Since Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules are elastic and have long fibers, they will not generate structural stress even if the temperature changes drastically, and their products are porous materials with interwoven fibers, so the expansion of the individual fibers can be absorbed by the product itself. Therefore, with appropriate construction technology, sufficient strength and resistance to rapid cooling and heating can be  obtained.



5. Good chemical stability

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules are almost not corroded by other chemicals except strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid. In oxidizing and neutral atmospheres, ceramic fiber modules have excellent chemical stability. The chemical stability to reducing atmosphere, alkali metal oxides and sulfides is relatively poor, and crystallization is prone to occur, which deteriorates the fiber performance. Its chemical stability mainly depends on its chemical composition and impurity content.

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