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Advantages of Ceramic Fiber Aluminum Foil Blanket

Ceramic fiber aluminum foil blanket is a composite product that uses a special adhesive to bond ceramic fiber blanket and metal aluminum foil into an integrated structure. It has the characteristics of light weight, good thermal insulation effect, high density, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, and convenient construction and maintenance. It is particularly suitable for the insulation and heat preservation of high-temperature thermal equipment and heating pipes with strict requirements for thermal insulation and energy saving. The main specifications are width 610 or 1220mm , length 3.6m , 7.2m , fiber thickness 10-50mm , aluminum foil thickness 0.5mm , and specific dimensions can also be customized according to user requirements.



01. Thermal insulation advantages of ceramic fiber aluminum foil blanket

图片包含 室内, 桌子, 水, 木

描述已自动生成 Ceramic fiber itself is a white, smooth reflector, which has a good radiation effect on heat; at the same time, the metal aluminum foil in the aluminum foil needle-punched blanket is opaque and smooth, with a mirror reflection mechanism, and the heat rays are reflected by the aluminum foil. This barrier significantly weakens the radiation heat transfer. Therefore, the aluminum foil blanket has a double-layer weakening mechanism for radiation heat dissipation, and the effect is significant.

02. Advantages of using ceramic fiber aluminum foil blanket


* High density, effectively preventing corrosive gases from penetrating the insulation layer;

* It has strong thermal resistance and enhances the thermal insulation effect;

* It has good thermal shock resistance and can withstand rapid temperature changes during heating and cooling;

* Easy to construct and maintain;

* Has lower heat capacity;

* Excellent chemical stability.