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Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber High Aluminum Blanket

1. Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber High Aluminum Blanket Product Overview

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Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber high-aluminum blankets are produced by the injection process. They have regular sizes, white appearance, and do not contain any binders. Moreover, the blankets can be used for a long time under neutral and oxidizing conditions, and maintain good toughness and fiber properties. Structure, high alumina ceramic fiber blanket classification temperature is 1400℃, long-term operating temperature is 1200℃ .

2. Injection process of Anchor-Tec h ceramic fiber high- aluminum blanket



Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber High Aluminum Blanket Due to its high aluminum content, high-aluminum cotton generally uses a blowing fiberization process. Compared with spinning fiber blankets, the filaments are shorter and thinner, and will not irritate the hand. High-aluminum wool can be made into blankets and modules, and is mostly used as the basic material for ceramic fiber boards or ceramic fiber papers .

3. Specific applications of high-aluminum blankets 

* High-aluminum ceramic fiber blankets are generally used in industrial kiln wall linings and backing materials ;

* Masonry expansion joint materials, furnace doors and top covers of industrial kilns are insulated and sealed;

* Thermal insulation materials for high-temperature pipelines;

* High temperature thermal insulation gasket with long-term working temperature of 1200℃;

* High alumina ceramic fiber module/folding block processing raw materials.