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Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber High Purity Blanket

1. Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber High Purity Blanket Product Introduction:

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber high purity blanket is a kind of thermal insulation refractory material made of aluminum silicate and formed by double-sided needle punching of special aluminum silicate long fibers. The classification temperature is 1260℃, the long-term working temperature is 1100℃, and it does not age.

 Because it is soft and elastic, does not expand when heated, and can be cut and bent at will when used. It can also resist chemical erosion, vibration, sound insulation, and insulation. Therefore, it can be used as the insulation layer of various high-temperature equipment. It is not only fire-resistant, has good insulation performance, saves materials and fuel, and is easy to process and use, but also can save investment and reduce the weight of equipment and the thickness of the insulation layer .



2. Comparison between Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber high purity blanket and other refractory materials

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber high purity blanket has a higher long-term operating temperature than standard ceramic fiber blanket , and is more suitable for working environments with higher long-term operating temperature requirements.

Under the same conditions, its thermal conductivity is more than 30% lower than that of other insulation materials (perlite), and its bulk density is only about 1/5 of that of general insulation materials and refractory bricks.

The heat capacity is lower than other insulation materials and about 3-5 times lower than refractory bricks. Using it as the insulation layer of kilns, furnaces and pipelines can make them heat up quickly, with low heat consumption, light weight and convenient construction. It can save more than 20%-30% of fuel and is of great benefit to energy conservation.

It is non-wetting to molten metal and can be used in the metal smelting industry.

3. Specific application of
high purity blanket

—Generally used in industrial furnace wall lining, backing materials (pit carburizing furnace, trolley furnace, exhaust furnace, etc.) ; industrial furnace masonry expansion joints, furnace doors, and top cover insulation seals; high-temperature insulation gaskets with a long-term working temperature of 1100°C; high-purity ceramic fiber module/folding block processing raw materials.