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Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Module Quality System and Application Effect

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules are mainly used for various industrial furnaces, heating equipment linings, etc. Although the production of modules seems simple, if you don’t pay attention or the details are not done well, it is easy to cause quality problems, affect installation, or cause major problems in future use.

How does Anchor-Tech ensure the quality of ceramic fiber modules?

First of all, starting from the raw materials of the modules, we use ceramic fiber blankets produced by Anchor-Tech to ensure quality from the source while reducing costs and passing on benefits to customers .

Second, in addition to meeting customer requirements, Anchor-Tech also conducts real-time quality testing on ceramic fiber products to ensure that the quality always meets national standards!

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描述已自动生成 Third, Anchor-Tech provides a one-stop system service before, during and after sales. It provides users with turnkey installation services, saving you time and effort !

Ceramic fiber modules have excellent wind erosion resistance. The maximum wind erosion resistance of traditional laminated fiber linings at 900°C is 10m/s, while the maximum wind erosion resistance of fiber module linings is greater than 30m/s. If the prefabricated fiber module contains an inorganic binder, its wind erosion resistance can reach 50m/s. It is used in thermal insulation of furnace linings in the petrochemical industry; thermal insulation of kiln linings in the metallurgical industry ; thermal insulation of furnace linings in the ceramic, glass and other building materials industries; thermal insulation of heat treatment furnace linings in the heat treatment industry; and thermal insulation of other industrial kiln linings. With the advancement of energy conservation and emission reduction plans, the transformation of brick-concrete tunnel kilns is imminent. Ceramic fibers have been highly praised for their excellent thermal insulation properties in the ceiling insulation of brick-fired tunnel kilns .

Application effect of ceramic fiber module

The pre- compression of the ceramic fiber modules can compensate for the shrinkage at high temperatures, which not only reduces the thermal shrinkage of the fiber furnace lining, but also increases the use temperature by more than 50°C compared to the traditional laminated fiber lining under the same conditions.

The structure is simple, installation is convenient, and working time is saved. When repairing the fiber lining, there is no need to dismantle a large area, and only the fiber modules of the damaged parts can be quickly restored to production.