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Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Modules – Born for Energy Saving

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描述已自动生成 The wide use of ceramic fiber modules has promoted the progress of kiln technology. It is a new type of refractory lining product launched to simplify and speed up kiln construction and improve the integrity of the lining. It has good refractory and heat insulation effects, improves the integrity of kiln refractory and heat insulation, and promotes the progress of kiln masonry technology. Ceramic fiber modules can be directly used as flame hot surfaces, integrating refractory, heat insulation, thermal insulation and energy saving. They can maintain good strength and toughness in neutral, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres for a long time.

01. Energy-saving effect of ceramic fiber modules on industrial furnaces

Ceramic fiber module is a multi-purpose high-temperature thermal insulator. Due to its wide applicability, it is used in thermal equipment in various industries . Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, ceramic fiber module has irreplaceable technical and economic advantages.

Applying ceramic fiber modules to industrial furnace insulation can effectively reduce the heat loss of the furnace wall. For continuously running industrial furnaces, heat storage is one-time, and the heat loss of the furnace wall is mainly heat loss. Therefore, the thickness of the furnace wall can be appropriately increased to reduce the temperature outside the furnace wall; while for intermittent furnaces, the furnace wall absorbs a large amount of heat every time it runs, and the heat storage loss is greater than the heat loss. Therefore, lightweight refractory materials with lower thermal conductivity can be used, or the thickness of the furnace wall can be reduced to reduce the heat loss of the furnace wall.

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02. Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Module

Ceramic fiber modules are block-shaped products made by cutting (or bending) and then compressing fiber blankets . The density of the fiber blankets is increased by compressing and stacking them to increase the maximum temperature during use.

folded blankets are untied, they will be squeezed against each other in different directions without any gaps; the elastic fiber blankets can resist mechanical external forces; the elasticity of the fiber blankets can compensate for the deformation of the furnace shell, so that no gaps are generated between the modules; due to their light weight, they absorb very little heat when used as insulation materials; low thermal conductivity brings high energy-saving effects; they have the ability to resist any thermal shock; the lining does not require drying and maintenance, so it can be put into use immediately after installation; the anchoring system is away from the hot surface of the module, so that the metal anchors are at a relatively low temperature.

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