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Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Standard Blanket

1.Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Standard Blanket Product Overview

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Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber standard blanket is produced by spinning process, with regular size, white appearance, and does not contain any binder; the characteristics of ceramic fiber standard blanket are low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent chemical stability, excellent thermal stability, and shock resistance, excellent tensile strength, and excellent sound absorption. It is the preferred material among thermal insulation refractory materials .

2. In-depth interpretation of standard blanket indicators

The grading temperature of the standard ceramic fiber blanket is 1260℃, and the long-term working temperature is 1000℃. The aluminum content of the standard ceramic fiber blanket is ≥44%, which meets the national standard requirements and is qualified.

The heating permanent linear change of refractory ceramic fiber products is measured in accordance with GB/T17911-2006, and the temperature at which the heating linear shrinkage does not exceed the specified value is the classification temperature.

refractory ceramic fiber blankets , the linear shrinkage during heating shall not exceed 4%. This means that the linear shrinkage of this ceramic fiber blanket within the specified heating time at 1260℃ is less than 4%.

 Ceramic fiber standard blanket is made of pure inorganic material ceramic fiber and other silicate by high temperature melting, spinning or blowing, and collecting cotton.

3. Application of
Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Standard Blanket

* Ceramic fiber standard blanket – generally used in industrial kiln wall lining and backing material;

* Material for expansion joints of industrial furnace masonry, thermal insulation and sealing of furnace door top cover;

* Thermal insulation materials for high temperature pipelines;

* High temperature insulation gasket;

* Standard ceramic fiber module/folding block processing raw materials.