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Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Textile Cotton

01. Product Description

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber textile cotton is a cotton-like inorganic fiber product that is resistant to high temperatures, heat-insulating, and fire-resistant. It is made by processing ceramic fiber spinning cotton through a special process. The fiber has uniform diameter and high spinnability, making it an ideal raw material for producing textiles.

02. Product performance

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber textile cotton is a new material with excellent thermal insulation and mechanical properties. It can be made into cloth, belts, and ropes of various shapes and specifications. It has low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity; excellent chemical stability and excellent thermal stability; does not contain binders and corrosive substances; excellent sound absorption; higher operating temperature; good thermal insulation and electrical insulation properties; and higher strength.

03. Product Application

➤Applicable to various heat insulation, thermal insulation and sealing materials in high temperature and strong chemical corrosion environments.

➤Insulation and sealing of various industrial kilns and flues

➤High temperature pipe insulation and sealing

➤ Fireproof and high temperature insulation curtain

➤High temperature valve and pump seals

➤Heat exchanger, kiln car seal

➤High temperature resistant insulated wires and cable coatings

➤In the power industry, especially in the insulation projects of imported units, ceramic fiber textile cotton will play an increasingly important role.