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Anchor-Tech Chromium Ceramic Fiber Module’s Characteristics and Applications

Product Description

 Anchor-Tech chromium ceramic fiber modules are light green in color, regular in size, and have a classification temperature of 1500°C. They can be directly fixed on the steel plate anchor nails of industrial kiln shells. They have good fire-resistant and heat-insulating effects and improve the refractory heat-insulation of the kiln. Integrity promotes the progress of kiln masonry technology.

Product performance

①High temperature resistance (can be used in 1350℃ kiln environment for a long time); low thermal conductivity (<0.186 at 1000℃);

②Light weight (180-240kg/m3); stable performance (1350℃<-3);

③Excellent thermal shock resistance and tensile strength ;

④Insulation , heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, and noise reduction.

Typical Application

widely used in:

A. Annealing furnace, forging furnace, bell furnace, aluminum melting furnace, sintering furnace, carbonization furnace, tempering furnace, heating furnace, ladle (cover) insulation lining, hot-dip galvanizing annealing furnace, ring furnace, various types of heat treatment furnace ;

B. Glass annealing furnace, glass melting furnace, high temperature test furnace;

C. Roller kiln, shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, push plate kiln, special ceramic firing kiln;

D. Cracking furnace, reforming furnace, hydrogen production furnace, normal and vacuum furnace, coking furnace.

Chromium ceramic fiber module application for coke oven insulation

1. Introduction to coke oven

A coke oven is a furnace used to refine coke. Modern coke ovens are composed of carbonization chamber, combustion chamber, regenerator, chute area, furnace top, foundation, flue, etc. The coal material in the carbonization chamber is heated and turned into coke under air-isolated conditions. The general working temperature of coke ovens is around 1000-1300°C. The quality of thermal insulation ceramic fiber modules directly affects the normal operation and service life of coke ovens.

2. Insulation solution

For coke ovens that rely on manual temperature measurement, the bottom temperature of any vertical fire channel is not allowed to exceed 1450°C at any time. Therefore, chromium-containing high-temperature ceramic fiber modules with higher temperature resistance must be used. Chromium-containing ceramic fiber modules can be combined with flat blankets and compensation blankets.

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