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Anchor-Tech High Temperature Adhesive – A good Partner for Ceramic Fibers

Anchor-Tech high temperature adhesive is a viscous adhesive product that is evenly mixed with different inorganic binders, refractory fillers and dispersants. High-temperature adhesives have excellent high-temperature resistance, small shrinkage, high hardness, high wear resistance, and good aging resistance. They are often used in products that can be closely combined with the surface of the adhesive after curing. They are especially suitable for high-temperature furnace masonry or kiln construction. repair. Such as bonding of ceramics, construction and repair of various high-temperature furnaces and heat treatment furnaces, gunning materials for furnace repairs, and pasting of aluminum silicate refractory fibers.

Product type

AGN-1 series high-temperature adhesive is a type of gas-hardening inorganic adhesive that can solidify into a good refractory body under natural drying conditions and combine with other refractory materials to form a dense overall structure.

AGN-2 is a thermosetting high-temperature adhesive. According to different construction methods, the proportion can be adjusted appropriately to meet different construction requirements.

AGT-1500 is coated on the surface of ceramic fiber products and forms a protective layer, which can resist chemical corrosion, mechanical wear, and high-speed airflow impact. It is used for high-temperature protection of high-temperature insulation layers and insulation linings. The maximum operating temperature can reach 1500°C .

AGN-Ⅰ-1200 high temperature adhesive has a maximum operating temperature of 1200°C.

AGN-Ⅰ-1400 high temperature adhesive has a maximum operating temperature of 1400°C.

A GN-Ⅱ-1400 high temperature adhesive has a maximum operating temperature of 1400°C.

The maximum operating temperature of AGT-1500 high temperature coating is 1500℃.


* Excellent high temperature stability

* Good chemical resistance and wind erosion resistance

* High temperature volume stability and high bonding strength

* Easy to use and simple to construct