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Anchor-Tech High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Hydrophobic Blanket

1. Product description

Anchor-Tech high temperature ceramic fiber hydrophobic blanket , water repellent rate of 99% .

Compared with traditional inorganic fiber insulation materials, the non-fiber substances are significantly reduced, and the fiber distribution is more reasonable and even, ensuring that the product has a lower thermal conductivity.

Through special processing, the fiber blanket is completely hydrophobic. The product can maintain long-term low thermal conductivity during use and is more adaptable to the on-site storage and construction environment.

The fiber diameter is thinner and the hand feel is softer, which can reduce the irritation to human skin during product use and meet customers’ demand for materials.

2. Explanation of hydrophobicity

“Hydrophobic” broadly refers to the ability of a product to resist the adverse effects of moisture in the environment on its main properties . In the “Term Definition” of the international “Hydrophobicity Test Method for Insulation Materials”, it is stipulated as a performance index that reflects the material’s resistance to water penetration. After being sprayed with water in a prescribed manner and with a certain flow rate, the volume percentage of the non-water-permeable part of the sample is calculated. express .

Anchor-Tech high-temperature ceramic fiber hydrophobic blanket has a hydrophobic rate of up to 99%, which effectively prevents water vapor from penetrating. It can be used for long-term use in special humidity environments and provides thermal insulation.

3. Product Features

● Excellent hydrophobicity

● Low thermal conductivity and better thermal insulation performance

●High fiber content, low ball content

● White color, neatly cut appearance

● Soft to the touch, reducing skin irritation during operation and installation

● Reduce dust content in the working environment

● Better anti-vibration performance

● Long service life and corrosion resistance

4.Typical applications

It is suitable for insulation systems of various heat medium pipes and containers in industrial fields such as electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, textiles, ships, vehicles, and electrical appliances.