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Anchor-Tech high temperature ceramic fiber special-shaped parts

01 . Product Description

• High-temperature formed products (refractory products) are the most technical materials for installation or repair of insulation linings in energy-intensive industrial equipment. The molded products are made from a mixture of ceramic fibers and are vacuum formed using modern equipment.

• The material is produced at high temperatures by Anchor-Tech, using advanced development and innovative technologies.

• These ceramic fiber based refractory products should be used if a self-retaining rigid material for high temperature insulation is required.

• Commonly used in high temperature sealing, insulation and casting consumables.

02. Product Features

• The properties of Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber shaped parts give them the ability to give various shapes, high compressive strength, high temperature resistance, suitable density, low shrinkage, easy handling, etc.;

• It should be noted that the operating temperature of vacuum film molded products can vary greatly and is directly dependent on the material used for each specific material;

Temperature range is 900℃ to 1500℃ ;

• Due to their excellent thermophysical properties, easy installation and durability , the application of these materials can significantly reduce energy consumption ;

• Vacuum formed products occupy a unique position in the production line of ceramic fiber materials, and their applications are also expanding;

03. Application Scope

parts of industrial kilns such as metallurgy, chemical industry, and aluminum casting .

② Thermal insulation of heating equipment in the food industry and thermal insulation of household appliances.

③ Thermal insulation in shipbuilding and aerospace industries