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Anchor-Tech Laboratory – Comparison of Thermal Insulation Effects of Standard Blankets with the Same Density and Different Thicknesses

Anchor-Tech ordinary blanket heat insulation test

The Anchor-Tech ordinary blanket insulation test is mainly to observe the fire-resistant and heat-insulating properties of Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber ordinary blankets of different thicknesses, and their heat-resistant and heat-insulating performance under flame combustion. Let Anchor-Tech take you through the details of the experiment.



1) Experimental Introduction

Anchor-Tech selected two Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber blankets with the same weight of 128kg/m3 but different thicknesses of 30mm and 50mm. Using a portable flame spray gun and a thermometer, the researchers observed the changes in the two blankets of different thicknesses when facing flame combustion, as well as their temperature resistance and heat insulation effects.




2 ) 30mm thick heat resistance test

30mm thick, 128kg/m3 Anchor -Tech blanket at room temperature and burn it directly with flames. Use two thermometers to test the burned side and the back-fired side at the same time. After burning for a certain period of time, you can see that the temperature on the thermometer reaches over 700℃, and the back-fired side reaches about 37℃. It can be seen that the surface of the 30mm blanket does not turn yellow or clump after being burned by flames, and the back-fired side is not hot to the touch.

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3 ) 50mm thick heat resistance test

50mm thick Anchor-Tech blanket with the same density of 128kg/m3 was placed at room temperature and burned directly on the blanket surface with a flame. The temperature was measured with a thermometer. After a certain period of burning, the temperature on the thermometer reached over 800℃, and the temperature of the back-fired surface was around 33℃. Similarly, no obvious changes were observed on the surface of the 50mm blanket, and the surface was not hot when touched by hand.

4 ) Experimental conclusion

Data comparison : The surface temperature of 30mm Anchor-Tech ordinary blanket with density of 128kg/m3 reaches 700℃ when the flame burns, and the temperature of the other side is about 37℃. The surface temperature of 50mm Anchor-Tech ordinary blanket with density of 128kg/m3 reaches more than 800℃ when the flame burns, and the temperature of the other side is about 33℃.

It can be observed from the experimental results that the 30mm and 50mm thick Anchor-Tech ordinary blankets with the same density of 128kg/ m3 showed no obvious changes after a period of flame burning, and the back-to-fire surface can be touched directly by hand without being hot. It can also be concluded that the thickness has a slight effect on the temperature resistance and thermal insulation performance of the ceramic fiber blanket.

2. Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Regular Blanket

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber blanket has a classification temperature of 1050℃ . It is a continuous cotton flat fiber blanket with higher tensile strength and flat surface after double-sided needle punching. It does not contain organic binders and has good resistance to chemical erosion (except hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali such as Na₂O , K₂O )

Anchor-Tech’s ceramic fiber blankets all have corresponding test reports and meet national standards. Anchor-Tech focuses on the production of high-quality ceramic fibers! If you need, please contact Anchor-Tech for consultation and order!