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Anchor-Tech Polycrystalline Alumina Fiber Blanket




1. What is polycrystalline alumina fiber?

Polycrystalline alumina fiber is usually made by “solution-gel” chemical method, spinning or blowing, and transformed into high-temperature refractory fiber of microcrystalline mullite phase after high-temperature calcination. Polycrystalline alumina fiber is a crystalline material composed of microcrystals with a diameter of nanometer level , and has the common properties of crystalline materials such as anisotropy, thermodynamic stability, long-range order, and fixed melting point .

Amorphous fiber is composed of disordered microcrystalline structure. At high temperature, amorphous fiber will undergo crystallization. A series of phenomena such as grain growth and grain rearrangement will lead to fiber shrinkage and pulverization. However, polycrystalline alumina fiber is composed of regular microcrystals. The product has stable performance at high temperature and no fiber shrinkage or pulverization will occur.

2. Anchor-Tech Polycrystalline Alumina Fiber Blanket

Anchor-Tech 1600 polycrystalline alumina fiber blanket combines refractory and thermal insulation properties to solve bottleneck problems of high-temperature furnace linings such as high-temperature resilience, high-temperature shrinkage, and high-temperature stability.

3. Typical applications

① Various forging furnaces, heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, thin slab continuous casting and rolling heating furnaces, silicon steel continuous annealing furnaces, stainless steel hydrogen/oxygen annealing lines and other high temperature furnace linings in the iron and steel metallurgical industry at 1250℃~1650℃

② Rapid firing kiln in ceramic industry

③ Thermal insulation linings for cracking furnaces and combustion furnaces in the petrochemical industry
④ High-temperature gap filling materials
⑤ Electromagnetic shuttle kiln linings

 ⑥Three -way converter sealing gaskets in the automotive industry



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