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Application forms of Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber products

1. Ceramic fiber needle punched blanket

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber needle punched blanket is mainly used for refractory or thermal insulation lining materials in industrial kilns and furnaces, hot surface veneer materials for heavy refractory wall linings , pipe insulation, furnace door sealing and furnace roof insulation, etc. due to its light weight and easy installation.

2. Ceramic fiber loose wool

The specific uses of Anchor-Tech bulk ceramic fiber wool include ceramic fiber textile wool, ceramic fiber paper wool, ceramic fiber spray coating, castables, plastic wool, industrial kiln filler and backing fiber wool. It is mainly used as filler and backing material in different high temperature occasions, such as expansion joints, sealing materials, etc.

3. Ceramic fiber module

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Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules are mainly used for various heating furnaces in metallurgy and steel industry due to their good elasticity, high strength, and no fracture on the folded surface. After installation, they do not need to be baked to save energy. They are gradually replacing various heavy refractory materials. They are mainly used in various heating furnaces in metallurgy and steel industry. Ladle cover heat treatment furnace, annealing furnace, bell furnace. Ceramic shuttle kiln, horseshoe kiln, tunnel kiln and other ceramic kilns, kiln cars, kiln doors. Petrochemical cracking furnace, converter, atmospheric and vacuum furnace, coking furnace, flue. Other types of industrial furnaces, such as soaking furnace, crucible furnace, resistance furnace and other high temperature thermal equipment.

4. Ceramic fiberboard

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiberboard is mainly used for industrial kiln wall lining materials, especially for furnace lining materials with furnace gas scouring; industrial kiln fire hole bricks, wire bricks and pipe sleeves; kiln temperature zone partitions, fire baffles ; high-temperature industrial kiln wall back lining insulation  materials.

5. Ceramic fiber paper

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber paper is mainly used for electrical insulation and thermal insulation materials for heating devices and instruments because of its good high temperature dielectric strength, high flexibility, precise thickness, and easy cutting and use.

6. Vacuum formed fiber products

Anchor-Tech vacuum formed fiber products are made from a blend of ceramic fibers that are vacuum formed using modern equipment. The material is produced by Anchor-Tech at high temperatures using advanced development and innovation techniques. These ceramic fiber based refractory products should be used when a self-retaining rigid material for high temperature insulation is required. Typical applications are high temperature sealing, thermal insulation and foundry consumables .