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Breaking through the Temperature Limit – Anchor-Tech 1500 Chromium Ceramic Fiber Composite Module

At present, it is difficult to choose insulation materials for ultra-high temperature equipment such as forging furnaces in the market. Conventional ceramic fiber products are difficult to withstand temperatures above 1300°C, while the cost of alumina fiber is too high, which once put the insulation of ultra-high temperature equipment in a dilemma. Anchor-Tech 1500 chromium composite ceramic fiber module fills the gap in this area under the premise of strictly controlling costs! It reduces heat loss, improves the utilization rate of ultra-high temperature equipment, saves energy and improves efficiency!

1. Product Description

The 1500 chromium composite ceramic fiber module is a module that is folded and packed by combining two fiber blankets containing chromium and zirconium. The chromium content of the chromium ceramic fiber blanket is 4.5% (mass fraction), and the shrinkage of the heating wire is ≤2.5 (1400℃×24h) . The reason why two types of fiber blankets are used in composite applications is that the temperature resistance of chromium-containing ceramic fibers is higher than that of zirconium-containing ceramic fibers, while the high-temperature stability of zirconium-containing ceramic fibers is better than that of chromium-containing ceramic fibers. The combination of the two models can increase the use temperature of the product while suppressing the crystallization process of chromium-containing ceramic fibers as much as possible.

The conventional size of 1500 chromium composite ceramic fiber module is 300x300x300mm, which can be customized according to customer needs. The chromium-containing ceramic fiber produced by Anchor-Tech is slightly green in color, has fine fibers, high elasticity, low impurities and few slag balls. The composite module is white and green, regular in size, and has stable high-temperature performance.

2. Product characteristics

The 1500 chromium composite ceramic fiber module has excellent elasticity; the module is in a pre-pressed state. After the high-temperature furnace lining is completed, the expansion of the module makes the furnace lining seamless and can compensate for the shrinkage of the fiber furnace lining to improve the thermal insulation performance of the fiber furnace lining; ceramic fiber The modular furnace lining has good overall performance; excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance; the 1500 chromium composite ceramic fiber module is quickly installed, and the anchors are set on the cold side of the wall lining, which can reduce the requirements for anchor material. Insulation design and construction training can be provided according to customer requirements.

3. Application scope

1500 chromium composite ceramic fiber modules are mostly used in petrochemical ethylene cracking furnaces, continuous roller hearth soaking furnaces, bell furnaces, strip continuous hot-dip galvanizing annealing furnaces, ceramic roller kilns, methanol reformers and other furnace lids and furnace mouth high-temperature locations ultra-high temperature. The application of ceramic fiber modular furnace lining saves energy, improves production efficiency and product quality, and achieves significant economic and social benefits.