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Ceramic Fiber Blankets Can Be Used as Insulation Materials for Which Types of Kilns?

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Ceramic fiber blankets are specifically suited for various industrial kilns due to their long fiber length and low thermal conductivity, offering superior insulation performance compared to other materials of similar heat resistance. They find extensive utility in the insulation of industrial kilns, and this article will detail the specific types of kilns where ceramic fiber blankets are applied across various industries.

Petrochemical and Steel Industry:

Ethylene Cracking Furnace
  • Radiant chambers in petrochemical industry cracking furnaces, primary conversion furnaces, hydrogenation furnaces, hydrogen production furnaces, atmospheric and vacuum furnaces, catalytic reforming furnaces.
  • High furnace hot blast stoves, steel pusher heating furnaces, and walking beam furnaces in the steel industry utilizing fiber spraying and composite structural optimization.

Construction Materials Industry:

Carbon Baking Furnace
  • Special ceramic firing kilns, tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, cement rotary kilns, tempered glass furnaces, float glass annealing lines, and more in the construction materials sector.

Metallurgical Industry:

Forging Furnaces
  • Insulation linings for hood annealing furnaces, continuous annealing furnaces, car-bottom furnaces, rotary kilns, walking beam heating furnaces, isothermal furnaces, steel pusher continuous heating furnaces, annealing furnaces, quenching furnaces, forging furnaces, pit furnaces, aluminum melting furnaces, sintering furnaces, and carburizing furnaces.

In Summary, the thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber blankets is only a quarter of that of traditional heavy-duty refractory materials, resulting in a growing demand for these blankets. The increasing technological requirements for production equipment emphasize the extensive use of ceramic fiber materials to enhance the technological content and lightweight nature of kiln linings.

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