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Ceramic Fiber Module Insulation Solution For Electric Heating Mold Shell Roasting Furnace

Overview of mold shell roasting furnace


The mold shell roasting furnace is a gas-fired bottom trolley flame furnace, which adopts the characteristics of imported industrial furnace equipment . Compared with the original conventional furnace type, it shows the advantages of significantly reduced energy consumption, uniform temperature, environmental purification, and easy maintenance. The furnace uses the flame to emit heat upwards and then rotates and discharges downwards into the middle flue after meeting the arc top, effectively controlling the uniformity of furnace temperature and the utilization rate of heat energy.

This furnace is mainly composed of furnace body (including furnace lining) furnace door, furnace car, combustion system, smoke exhaust system, sealing, temperature control and recording and other major components.

Electrically heated mold shell roasting furnace insulation

There are three types of mold shell baking furnaces for precision casting according to the heating source classification:

  • One is a gas, heavy oil, crude oil type mold shell roasting furnace.
  • One is a gas-fired mold shell roasting furnace.
  • One is an electrically heated mold shell roasting furnace.

According to different heating sources, there are many types of linings for mold shell roasting furnaces.

  • The lining of heavy oil formwork roasting furnace is generally made of refractory bricks or refractory castables ;
  • The lining of the gas-fired mold shell roasting furnace is made of polycrystalline composite fiber modules;
  • The electric heating mold shell is baked using high-purity ceramic fiber modules.

The lining of the electric-heated mold shell roasting furnace is a full-fiber insulation structure made of Anchor-Tech high-purity ceramic fiber modules. Compared with the brick-type furnace, the energy saving rate is 40% higher.

The working temperature of the electric heating mold shell roasting furnace is generally between 1100℃~800℃, and the ultimate temperature will not exceed 1200℃.

Anchor-Tech high-purity fiber module products are white in color and are made of high-purity ceramic fiber blankets that are folded and compressed into an accordion shape. The regular size is 300*300*300mm, which can be customized according to customer needs. The long-term working temperature is 1100℃.

Benefits of using ceramic fiber insulation

Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber modules have fine fibers, high elasticity, low impurities, less slag balls, stable performance, and good thermal and chemical stability.

Ceramic fiber modules have excellent elasticity. The modules are in a pre-pressed state. After the mold shell roasting furnace lining is completed, the expansion of the modules makes the furnace lining seamless and can compensate for the shrinkage of the fiber furnace lining to improve the thermal insulation performance of the fiber furnace lining. The overall performance is extremely good.