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Anchor Technology's Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed haped Parts in the Aluminum Casting Industry

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Ceramic fiber vacuum-formed parts are custom-shaped products made by using ceramic fiber loose cotton, adhesive, and molds, formed by vacuum filtration. This article will introduce the application of ceramic fiber vacuum-formed parts in the aluminum casting industry.

Plugs (Stoppers)

In the aluminum casting industry, aluminum smelting furnaces or insulation furnaces have outlets for aluminum liquid. Ceramic fiber plugs are used for sealing.

The plugs are made from Anchor Technology’s 1260 type ceramic fiber through vacuum forming. Precise craftsmanship and advanced equipment result in each plug having a smooth surface, essential hardness, and elasticity for proper mechanical or manual sealing operations.

To pour the molten aluminum from smelting or insulation furnaces, some equipment uses tapered blocks, which are sealed with plugs made by Anchor Technology.

Anchor Technology’s vacuum-formed plugs are made of high-quality ceramic fiber and should be promptly replaced after each use.

Aluminum Transfer Ladle

Ceramic fiber ladles are used for transferring molten aluminum from the aluminum smelting furnace to the insulation furnace. These products are known for being lightweight, having excellent insulation properties, and being non-sticky to aluminum, serving as alternatives to traditional cast iron ladles.

Cast iron ladles are susceptible to corrosion and damage, unlike ceramic fiber ladles which are corrosion-resistant. Using ceramic fiber transfer ladles reduces the temperature drop to generally below 5°C. Before leaving the factory, the surface of the ceramic fiber aluminum transfer ladles is coated with a special refractory layer suitable for various aluminum alloys.

Casting Ladles

Ceramic fiber casting ladles possess the characteristics of lightweight, excellent heat insulation, and controlled temperature differences within 5°C during casting. These ladles are mainly used in the aluminum industry’s casting machinery, replacing bulky metal ladles. Fiber casting ladles can be used directly without preheating, saving gas and simplifying operations.

The ladles are coated with a special layer on the surface, suitable for casting various compositions of aluminum alloys.