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Detailed Explanation of Anchor-Tech Ceramic Fiber Special-shaped Parts Products

High-temperature formed products (refractory products) are the most technical materials for the installation or repair of insulation linings in energy-intensive industrial equipment.

The molded products are made from a mixture of ceramic fibers and are vacuum formed using modern equipment. Produced at high temperature by Anchor-Tech, using advanced development and innovative technologies.

 Ceramic fiber special-shaped parts have the characteristics of being able to give various shapes, high compressive strength, high temperature resistance, suitable density, low shrinkage, and easy handling. Today Anchor-Tech will introduce to you in detail the use and characteristics of various ceramic fiber special-shaped products .

01. Plug head

The aluminum smelting furnace or holding furnace in the aluminum casting industry is equipped with an aluminum outlet, which is blocked with a ceramic fiber plug .

The plug head is made of 1260 ceramic fiber by vacuum molding. Precise technology and advanced equipment make each plug head have a flat surface. More importantly, it has appropriate hardness and elasticity to adapt to mechanical or manual plugging operations.

To cast aluminum out of a melting or holding furnace, some equipment uses a tapered hole block that is sealed with a plug .

Anchor-Tech vacuum formed plugs are made of high-quality ceramic fiber. During use, the plugs should be replaced with new ones every time they are used .

02. Aluminum water transfer bag

Ceramic fiber aluminum water transfer bag is used to transfer molten aluminum water from the aluminum melting furnace to the holding furnace . The product has the characteristics of light weight, good thermal insulation performance, non-stick aluminum, etc., and can replace the traditional cast iron aluminum water bag.

Usually cast iron aluminum water bags are very easy to be damaged by corrosion, while ceramic fiber transfer bags are not corroded. The temperature drop when using ceramic fiber transfer bags is generally below 5℃. Before leaving the factory, the surface of the ceramic fiber aluminum water transfer bag is coated with a special refractory coating to be suitable for various aluminum alloys.

 ceramic fiber aluminum water transfer bag is damaged, it can be repaired using our fiber plastic. Careful use and timely maintenance can extend the service life of the transfer bag.

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03. Ceramic fiber sampling spoon

The sampling spoon is made of ceramic fiber . Mainly used as a tool for extracting molten metal samples and also as a pouring spoon for the production of small parts. All sampling scoops are coated with a high temperature coating for improved non-wetting and temperature resistance.

HA coated sampling spoons are used for aluminum and aluminum alloy castings, and 1500 coated sampling spoons are used for steel castings .

04. Ceramic fiber riser


中度可信度描述已自动生成 Ceramic fiber thermal insulation risers are suitable for the casting of various non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The product has good thermal insulation performance and can effectively prevent the occurrence of shrinkage cavities and shrinkage porosity in castings. It can improve the quality of castings and increase the process export rate.