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Functions of Ceramic Fiber Blankets You May Not Know

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When it comes to ceramic fiber blankets, people in high-temperature industries are familiar with them as refractory materials commonly used for insulation in industrial heat treatment equipment. However, Anchor Company is here to talk about the often-overlooked capabilities of ceramic fiber blankets.

1. Excellent Insulation Performance

Ceramic fiber blankets are made from raw materials such as kaolin, coal gangue, and alumina powder, belonging to the category of stone-like materials. They serve as excellent insulation materials. The promotion of ceramic fiber blankets in the automotive industry for battery insulation is mainly due to their heat insulation and insulation properties.

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2. Remarkable Sound Absorption

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Ceramic fiber blankets have excellent sound absorption and noise reduction capabilities. This is because objects vibrate to produce sound, and sound waves travel through the air. With its multi-fiber structure, sound waves passing through the blanket undergo numerous reflections, superimpositions, and collisions with the fibers. The energy of the sound wave is converted into heat energy, thereby weakening the intensity of the sound, or even causing it to disappear. Therefore, ceramic fiber blankets are widely used in KTV compartments and automotive mufflers.

3. Outstanding Flame Retardant Performance

Ceramic fiber blankets are classified as Class A non-combustible materials. Even when exceeding their ignition point, they will not burn. Additionally, their heat insulation performance is extremely superior. In recent years, the frequency of using ceramic fiber blankets in firefighting has been on the rise, and their applications in ceramic fiber fire curtains and fire-resistant roller shutters have become increasingly mature.

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Anchor Company Ceramic Fiber Blankets

ceramic fiber blanket

Anchor Company’s ceramic fiber blankets have uniform fiber diameters, long fibers, and low shot content. This enhances the interweaving of fibers, as well as comprehensive performance in terms of anti-stratification, erosion resistance, flexibility, and tensile strength. This, in turn, improves the application performance of needle-punched blankets, reduces material loss, and demonstrates good feasibility and stability in various environments.