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Interpretation of Anchor-Tech Chromium Ceramic Fiber Blanket

1.Product description

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Anchor-Tech Chromium ceramic fiber blanket, light green in color, is a flexible blanket-like fiber interwoven that integrates fire resistance, heat insulation and heat preservation functions. The fibers are long, uniform in diameter, low in ball content, slightly prickly to the touch, and can be rolled.

2. Product

* High temperature resistance (can be used in 1350℃ kiln environment for a long time);

* Low thermal conductivity (<0.186 at 1000℃ );

* Light weight (96/128kg/m3);

* Stable performance ( 1350℃<-3);

* Excellent thermal shock resistance and tensile strength;

* Insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, noise reduction.



3.Product Technology

High-temperature melting and spinning into fiber, made by double-sided needle punching process. It does not contain additives and has high fiber interweaving strength. Compared with basic fiber blankets, chromium-containing ceramic fiber blankets have improved properties such as resistance to delamination, wind erosion resistance, flexibility and tensile strength, thus improving the application of needle-punched blankets. performance, reducing material loss.



4. Typical

It is mostly used in high-temperature locations of furnace lids and furnace mouths such as petrochemical ethylene cracking furnaces, continuous rolling roller hearth soaking furnaces, bell furnaces, strip continuous hot-dip galvanizing annealing furnaces, ceramic roller kilns, methanol reforming furnaces, etc. Save energy, improve production efficiency and product quality.

5. Tips on Chromium Ceramic Fiber Blanket

The chromium ceramic fiber blanket adds chromium to the zirconium ceramic fiber blanket, which increases the temperature of the chromium ceramic fiber blanket by nearly 100°C based on the zirconium ceramic fiber blanket.

Chromium ceramic fiber blankets can be further processed into chromium ceramic fiber modules, chromium ceramic fiber boards, chromium composite ceramic fiber modules and other epitaxial products.