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Safe Material and Easy Installation – Anchor-Tech Soluble Ceramic fiber Blanket

1. What is a soluble Ceramic fiber blanket?

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Soluble ceramic fiber blankets are new environmentally friendly materials developed in response to people’s growing demands for health and material safety. Soluble blankets are made of corresponding soluble long fibers and have a variety of thicknesses and bulk densities. Under high temperature conditions, Anchor-Tech soluble fibers have low thermal conductivity and good heat resistance. They can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure when used for a long time in a neutral and oxidizing atmosphere. This product can demonstrate excellent thermal insulation performance at high temperatures.

2. Anchor-Tech Dissolvable Blanket Overview

Anchor-Tech soluble fiber is a biosoluble amorphous fiber prepared by a high-temperature melting method. Its main chemical components are alkaline earth metal oxides such as calcium oxide and magnesium oxide and silicon dioxide.

Anchor-Tech soluble fiber does not contain aluminum oxide (content <1%) and is biodegradable in the human body. Due to the addition of CaO , the crystal axis is larger. Compared with conventional ceramic fibers, Anchor-Tech soluble fibers are longer , resulting in lower slag ball content and higher fiber content . The long-fiber soluble high-temperature insulation cotton is produced by a double-sided needle-punched interweaving process, which gives it stronger tensile strength .



3. Features of Anchor-Tech Dissolvable Blanket

① Anchor-Tech ceramic fiber soluble blanket is classified into two types of temperatures: 1200℃ and 1300℃, and the temperature resistance can reach 1000℃!

②According to the notaQ standard of 97/69 EC , it does not belong to any carcinogen classification, is degradable and soluble in human lung fluid, and is green and environmentally friendly.

③It has high fiber content and low slag ball content, excellent thermal stability and tensile strength, low thermal conductivity and low heat capacity.

4. Application
of Anchor-Tech soluble blanket


① Insulation of steam pipes and steam boilers in power plants;

②Insulation lining of medium temperature industrial furnace, lining and seal of furnace door, and back lining insulation of high temperature kiln;

③ Exhaust gas treatment flue lining insulation, filtration and dust removal bags;

④ Large steel structure welding stress relief, high temperature equipment sealing and thermal insulation gaskets;

⑤ Fireproof cable insulation layer, heat exchanger energy saving and heat preservation, engine insulation;

⑥Energy saving and heat preservation of steam pipes and pipe fittings in food and other industries;

⑦Insulation and heat preservation of household appliances.