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Sealing Solution for Industrial Kilns - Ceramic Fiber Gaskets

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The sealing of industrial kilns primarily relies on a range of ceramic fiber products. These products find extensive application in various operational environments of industrial kilns due to their ability to maintain stability at high temperatures, effectively achieve sealing, and provide insulation. Whether it’s gaps, holes, or connecting points, ceramic fiber gaskets are necessary for achieving both sealing and insulation. Therefore, ceramic fiber gaskets play a critical role in high-temperature sealing for industrial kilns, not only saving a significant amount of thermal energy but also enhancing the efficiency and production quality of industrial kilns.

ceramic fiber gasket

Anchor Company's Ceramic Fiber Gaskets

ceramic fiber gasket

Anchor Company’s Ceramic Fiber Gaskets are made from high-quality ceramic fiber products using processes such as stamping, cutting, trimming, or mold vacuum forming to create high-temperature thermal insulation products with specific shapes. These are applied at the flange connections of high-temperature equipment, pipelines, valves, etc., providing high-temperature resistance, thermal insulation, enhanced sealing, and insulation between two flat surfaces.

There are various materials and product forms available for thermal insulation ceramic fiber gaskets, with ring-shaped gaskets being more commonly used, and they can be customized according to customer requirements.

ceramic fiber gasket
ceramic fiber board

Typical Applications

ceramic fiber gasket
ceramic fiber gasket
  • Industrial insulation, sealing, and thermal insulation gaskets, such as in petrochemical and metallurgical heating furnaces, high-temperature pipeline and high-temperature flange seals.
  • Sealing and thermal insulation for high-temperature components in the automotive industry, sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials for mufflers, thermal insulation liners for exhaust pipes.
  • Heat-resistant Filling Material for expansion joints in furnace doors and bodies.
  • Sealing gaskets for molten metal, lining for aluminum casting molds.
  • Anti-sintering isolation gaskets for ceramic fired parts, demolding gaskets or demolding paper for microcrystalline glass and thermal (bending) glass
  • Insulation and thermal isolation materials for high-temperature areas in electrical appliances, sealing and thermal insulation for gas stoves, etc.
  • Strip-shaped thermal insulation plates for DeNOx catalyst production line