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The Importance of AES Soluble Ceramic Fiber bulk Cotton in Brake Pads

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AES Soluble ceramic fiber cotton plays a crucial role in brake pads. Let’s first take a look at the components of brake pads and why selecting and using the suitable ceramic fiber bulk cotton is so important for them!

Composition of Brake Pads

Brake pads are generally composed of a steel plate, an adhesive insulating layer, and a friction block. The steel plate undergoes painting to prevent rusting, and the painting process is monitored using an SMT-4 furnace temperature tracking instrument to ensure quality. The insulating layer is made up of materials with poor thermal conductivity and reinforcing materials, with the purpose of insulating. The friction block is composed of reinforcing materials, adhesive, and fillers (friction performance adjusters), and sometimes requires additional processes like shock-absorbing pads, adhesive brushing, grooving, and chamfering to enhance the efficiency of the brake system.

The Importance of Using AES Soluble Ceramic Fiber Bulk Cotton in Brake Pads

The intrinsic quality of brake pads is difficult to judge solely with the naked eye. Therefore, when purchasing brake pads, it is recommended to request a testing report from a professional organization. Friction coefficient and wear rate are important performance indicators for brake pads, and the national standard specifies a brake friction coefficient between 0.35 and 0.40.

AES soluble ceramic fiber bulk cotton is a new type of alternative to asbestos wear-resistant and insulating material. It is biodegradable, avoids harm to the human body, and is safe, environmentally friendly, and heat-resistant. By adjusting the proportion of AES soluble ceramic fiber bulk cotton in the friction block of the brake pad, it achieves optimal friction performance, heat resistance without deformation, ensuring a lower wear rate for the brake pad and extending its service life. AES soluble ceramic fiber bulk cotton could be processed to be soluble ceramic fiber blankets, boards, papers, etc., which can be used as insulation layers for automotive brake pads. The low thermal conductivity of AES soluble ceramic fiber bulk cotton prevents the transfer of high heat to the steel plate and the braking system behind it during braking, thus preventing brake failure.

Advantages of AES Soluble Ceramic Fiber Bulk Cotton

  • Outstanding insulation performance compared to industry standards.
  • Low heat retention.
  • Soft and elastic.
  • Excellent sound absorption performance, heat shock resistance, tear resistance, and thermal stability.
  • Can be dissolved in bodily fluids and is not classified as a carcinogen.