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Upgraded Version of Ceramic Fiber – Alumina Ceramic Fiber

Alumina Ceramic Fiber Introduction

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Alumina fiber is an upgraded version of ceramic fiber. It is a new type of ultra-light high-temperature refractory fiber. It is a new type of inorganic material with excellent high-temperature mechanical properties, lower thermal conductivity, and stronger resistance to chemical erosion. The operating temperature of alumina fiber is 1400-1500 degrees, which is 200-300 degrees higher than traditional ceramic fiber modules.

Alumina fiber has made greater breakthroughs in mechanical properties, thermal stability and high temperature resistance , especially in high temperature creep resistance and thermal shock resistance. It is a new type of ultra-light high temperature heat-resistant fiber at home and abroad, which has further broadened the application field. It will have better performance in the lining insulation of high temperature industrial kilns and other thermal equipment such as metallurgy, machinery, electronics, ceramics, chemical industry, aerospace, etc. , so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and production increase, extend the life of the furnace body, and improve the working environment. In addition, due to its good chemical corrosion resistance, alumina fiber can be used in the field of environmental protection and recycling technology.

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Anchor-Tech Alumina Fiber Blanket Product Introduction

Blanket produced by Anchor-Tech is made only of high-performance alumina fiber, without binders and other ingredients, and can be used at a temperature of up to 1600°C for a long time. The double-sided needle-punched process has been strengthened to improve the interweaving degree of the fibers and the anti-delamination performance of the blanket itself, while not affecting its softness and giving it good tensile strength.