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What is bio-soluble ceramic fiber?

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Biodegradable soluble ceramic fiber refers to a healthy and environmentally friendly ceramic fiber that can be engulfed by human macrophages and subsequently eliminated from the body. It belongs to the AES (Alkaline Earth Silicates) category of ceramic fibers. In comparison to aluminosilicate (RCF) ceramic fibers, its biodegradation period is significantly reduced. Aluminosilicate ceramic fibers have a biodegradation period of 300 days, while the biodegradable soluble variant has a period of 5-7 days. This explains why it is referred to as biodegradable soluble ceramic fiber, as it considerably reduces the risk of occupational lung disease among workers.

RCF ceramic fiber products are classified as potential carcinogens or suspected carcinogens in many countries and regions, leading to usage restrictions.

– IARC (WHO) classified RCF as a possible human carcinogen (Group 2B)

– In the USA, NTP categorized respirable RCF as a substance reasonably anticipated to be carcinogenic.

– In Europe, RCF is classified as a carcinogenic substance in animals (1B under the new CLP classification system).

– ACGIH has categorized RCF as Category A2: Suspected human carcinogen.

The advantages of Anchor Tech’s biodegradable soluble ceramic fiber compared to the RCF series products include:

  1. A biodegradation period of only 5 days compared to RCF’s 300 days.
  2. Compliance with usage regulations across all countries and regions, including nota Q of Directive 97/69/EC, without usage restrictions.
  3. Lower shot content by 20-30% compared to the RCF series.
  4. 20% lower thermal conductivity than RCF, providing better insulation performance.
  5. Softer touch, reducing discomfort upon skin contact.
  6. Reduction of dust content in the working environment.
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